1350 package

 The second package for finishing works

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Certified Swedish wires, Mustafa Mahmoud hoses, shower supplies, the Internet, and surveillance cameras, Sanchi keys, the keys of the French Hajar board, 25 spots and 80 meters LED.


Batumen isolation, PR feeding, lifetime guarantee, sheriff exchange, health equipment, Durvit and Nucleolide standard, costing 7000 EGP.


For reception, roads, rooms, bathroom and kitchen, Majestic Royal Innova Cleopatra, at a price of 14500 pounds.

Gypsum board

55m for reception and roads, rooms, bathrooms and kitchen Cornish Futec

the doors

The apartment door is oak veneer or Chinese laminate, room doors are musky wood, ester paint commission, door price is 2000 pounds


3 putty knives, what is the liner, and what is a scape paint 


BS small reflective glass and hard wire

  1 wallpaper side, 1 stone wall side, 1 color decor side

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