1650 package

The third package for finishing works

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Certified Swedish wires, Mustafa Mahmoud hoses, supply of shower, Internet and telephone connections, SAS switches for a Venus electrical panel, 40 spots and 90 m LEDs. 


Batumen isolation, PR nutrition, lifetime guarantee, sheriff exchange, health equipment, French Roca Sargman, 8000 pounds.


Porcelain for reception and roads, ceramic jewelery for rooms, bathroom and kitchen, at a price of 17,000 pounds.

Gypsum board

80 m for reception and roads, rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and some walls

the doors,

The apartment door is Turkish armored, the room doors are Finnish mosaic wood, made by Ester paint, Italian Comex handles, the door price is 2500 pounds


3 putty knives, one liner, two sides of scape


BS small reflective glass and hard wire

  2 sides wallpaper, 1 side stone wall, 2 color decor sides

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