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Our vision is to support Arab accountants in the field of computing and create a generation capable of keeping pace with digital development, completely dispensing with paperwork, and working with smart systems that give fast and accurate results. All of the company’s programs have free plans to help the accountant community and Arab companies.

Falcon  solution for every business need

Integrated accounting systems for many trade activities and contracting companies. They are characterized by the use of the best programming languages and databases and include many important and accurate reports.

Programs dedicated to contracting companies, programs dedicated to commercial companies, programs for points of sale and pharmacies, and others for restaurants and cafes

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Imagine a vast collection of business apps at your disposal.
Got something to improve? There is an app for that.
No complexity, no cost, just a one-click install.

Each app simplifies a process and empowers more people.
Imagine the impact when everyone gets the right tool for the job, with perfect integration.

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E invoice

Coding items, linking accounting programs with the electronic invoice system and electronic signature, and providing accounting programs linked to the electronic invoice system in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  

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Falcon ERP

An integrated accounting system for many trade activities and contracting companies. It is distinguished by its use of the best programming languages and databases and includes many important and accurate reports.

Falcon POS

Point of sale software for many commercial activities is distinguished by its use of the best programming languages and databases and includes many important and accurate reports.

Falcon Restaurant

Point of sale software for restaurants and cafes is distinguished by its use of the best programming languages and databases. It includes managing tables, sending orders to the kitchen, and many important and accurate reports.

Enhance Your Construction Firm's Agility and Flexibility

Equip your construction company with Falcon  ERP and odoo ERP  for unmatched mobile support. Enjoy access to real-time data and tailored deployment options that meet the specific demands of the construction industry.

Advanced     Strategic   Construction   Insights

Leverage the construction-focused business intelligence of our ERP. Gain actionable insights through specialized reporting, dashboards, and analytics tailored for the construction sector, facilitating strategic decisions that position your firm at the industry's leading edge

Optimized Construction Resource Planning and Scheduling  

Enhance your resource utilization with Falcon's comprehensive construction project management tools. Streamline operations, synchronize with demand, and employ automation to boost productivity and minimize overhead costs.

One business management program

Falcon Valley provides secure, integrated, scalable and customizable platforms and software that easily address multiple companies, entities, currencies, regulations and reporting needs for a variety of business areas.

Real-time Data Access

Make informed decisions using ePROMIS by accessing current project and financial data anytime, anywhere. This capability enhances your ability to serve clients better and manage construction projects more efficiently."

Integrated Dashboards and Reports

Keep updated with customized dashboards and reports that offer in-depth insights into your construction operations, aiding in the monitoring and optimization of performance."

Location & Currency Management

Manage your construction projects efficiently across different locations and currencies, while ensuring compliance with regional regulations."

Comprehensive Dashboards and Reports 

Stay well-informed with tailor-made dashboards and reports that deliver deep insights into your construction operations. These tools help you monitor and enhance your performance effectively."

Unified Database

Access a centralized source of knowledge and single truth through Falcon Apps, ensuring that all construction project information is readily available in real-time via intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports."

Backup and Logs

Ensure your data is always safe and accounted for with Falcon Apps. Facilitate secure cloud migration and maintain a historical log of every modification made."


Customize your experience by selecting modules, functionalities, and unique customizations that perfectly match your firm’s specific needs. Enhance your operational capabilities smoothly and ensure your firm scales accurately."

Empowered Workforce

Equip your team with Falcon's advanced tools to lessen their workload, save time, and boost productivity in construction projects."

Cloud-based Storage and Security

Storing your data in the cloud offers enhanced safety compared to physical servers. Experience quicker and more secure access to data with Falcon Enterprise Cloud."

Prominent Clients  

Our solutions are trusted by industry leaders and major corporations across various sectors, solidifying our reputation as a key partner in their success. Our client portfolio showcases our capability to handle large-scale and complex projects with precision and reliability."